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As they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. What “Das Khaman” is today would not have been possible without one single man, our late respected grandfather Sri Pitambardas Kanjibhai Thakkar. Our respected grandfather, who was the resident of Amereli in the state of Saurashtra, started out his journey to find work during his very young age in 1918. He went to the city of Surat and was employed by a local shop which was famous is making “Khaman”.

With his dedicated hard work, enthusiasm and honesty, he mastered the art of making the “Khaman”. While working he got married too. Since he was struggling to get by with his job work, but having already possessed the necessary skills, art and the determination, he made a decision to sell “Khaman” own his own. He didn’t get into competition from his employer as he was a person with high morals and ethical values, instead, took his blessings, and came to the city of Ahmedabad to start off business of his own, the dream which he had always cherished, and was going to change and shape the lives of generations to come.

Now, in order to start a business, he needed the required capital, with whatever capital he had in 1922 from his savings he rented a house near Municipal Corporation, and bought some small “Khaman” making equipment to get him going. He was very meticulous, tidy and precise when it came to making “Khaman”. He always made sure that he used good quality of Peanut oil, a key ingredient, which tradition is still being maintained till today. As a result of great combination of taste and quality the business started to do well. As with any business, our respected grandfather started to be more creative and added different varieties to the menu which became very popular later on. Since our respected grand father’s name was Pitambardas, he was lovingly called as “Das” and ever since then “Das Khaman” has taken the Ahmedabad city by storm. In fact it has been named as the “Best Farshan Shop” by the leading newspaper Times of India. Today “Das” is a Registered Trade Mark.

The late Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who the then Presdient of Municipal Corporation was very fond of “Das Khaman” and would always insist items from “Das Khaman” to be served during all his reform meetings. Our father Sri Mohanbhai, the son of our respected grandfather Pitambardas also developed his father’s business and maintained the legacy. As like the business, he was always very passionate about Art. He was quite good at Acting and his masterpiece “Makhhichuse” made him famous by the name of Mohan Thakkar which people remember even today. But later on during the course of his life our grandfather got entirely detached from the earthly livings and became a saint. He started spending his saintly life in one the caves in Junadagh. Even today, whether he is alive or not we do not know. We only can pray to god about his well being. Our father Sir Mohanbhai only informed us that we have not heard about the news of your grand father’s demise hence we haven’t put up flowers on his photo. That instruction is still followed even today. We, four sons of our father are committed, dedicated and passionate about developing about father’s business which he had built from scratch with so much of hard work.

The customers who had come to our shop 45-50 years ago tells us the stories that they had come with their grand father to taste the “Khaman” and today they have come with their grandson which in itself is a great foundation our forefathers have built for us and we will maintain that goodwill. And now, its time to pass on the baton to the next generation, our sons, who will now carry on this custom of making beautiful and tasty “Khaman” with different varieties and hopefully they are as good in this art as their forefathers were and at the same time not forgetting above all what comes first is our beloved customers and we continue to deliver our customers what our forefathers had set out to do, great quality coupled with a great taste. “Das Family” would here by like to thank all their customers who have shown their deep love, utmost co-operation and trust and we sincerely believe that this bond between us will continue in the future too.

Now the Third & Forth Generation Mr. Bharatbhai & his sons, Mr. Avneshbhai & Mr. Kalantbhai are making their father's dream come true. they had started a new shop at Jawahar Chowk - Maninagar. Amd they tries so hard to keep maintaining the quality & taking new varieties in their shop. A real flavour of Surat - " Surti Locho" is one of the example of that. Which is the traditional recipe of Surat and they exported it as well. Live Counters of Surti Locho is the trend nowadays in the functions and parties. We are trying so hard to keep this journey with honesty, dignity & hard work. Kindly keep us updated by your feedback.

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