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Quality maintenance

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Every day you experience the same culinary delight when you savour our exotic blends of traditional Gujarati snacks. The tastes are so authentic, innovative, and consistent that they soon get transformed into delicacies. No wonder we have enjoyed a long tradition of customers becoming patrons. Once they taste our snacks, every time they relish the delight.

Take one of our most popular favourites called ‘Surti Locho’. The word ‘Locho’ in Gujarati can be interpreted as ‘a funny mistake’. Maintaining consistency in this item is a test in itself of Quality Maintenance in taste management. ‘Surti Locho’ is a preparation in transient state. It is an item that comes into existence just before the batter settles into final solid Khaman upon baking. Many a chefs try their hand on this but hardly a few are able to reach the right taste of ‘Surti Locho’.

This is our commitment to quality maintenance that scales a step ahead of quality management.

For many decades Mr. Bharat Thakkar has been

What is Khaman at Das Surti Khaman?

Easier said than done. Much easier said than done. Khaman is a soft yet solid preparation made from split chana dal (Chickpea, Cicer arietinum). The dal is ground and the batter is prepared by mixing ingredients like ginger, chillies, etc. The batter is than allowed to ferment naturally for a few hours. No external chemicals, like baking soda, or yeast is added. We just make khaman in natural and traditional way.